Monday, September 14, 2009

To Catch the Wind

“She” has a magical Presence.
Sometimes I “feel” She is here.
And then I know She is gone.
I sense Her Presence at the mountain peaks,
The ocean’s depths,
The flowing rivers.
But She is intangible!

Her scent is in the flowers.
Her kiss is in the breeze.
Her passion in the sun.
With the swell She swoons upon the shore.
She sings with the nightingale,
Smiles with the golden dawn.
But She is intangible!

However, Woman is Her cognate
And she talks and is tangible.
In Woman’s eyes I see Her soul.
In her voice I hear Her music.
In her love, Her bliss.
In her faithlessness, Her mystery.
To catch the wind...!

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