Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Ultimate Frontier

There are bold souls whose purpose is
To search for wonders, riches and
Knowledge which, once found, are proudly
Presented to the admiring world.

These hunters look for dazzling preys:
Explorers searching for geographical
Marvels - deep-sea adventurers diving
After sunken treasures and precious jewels -

Mountaineers climbing the highest peaks,
Defying the frozen winds where the
Magnificent eagle soars - physicists
Sending hi-tech rocketry beyond the

Limits of space to untrodden lands.
Mystics tapping the mystery of
The human soul hoping it will yield the
Answer to the riddle of life

And the conundrum of God - that Ultimate
Frontier! That alien and nameless Unknown
Which cannot be reached at all by
The assaults of the rational mind!

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