Friday, November 13, 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Hidden Sun

In love it's better to give than to receive!
But in order to give you've to love yourself.
And due to the ruthless competitive culture
That we carry in our consciousness,
It's easier for us to protect ourselves
By fighting battles to turn defeats into victories.
We hide behind the mask we "feel" we need
In order to survive in a whim or a battle.
The masks mutate into each other. We call "that" living!

But Love comes from a heart free of masks. It never
Springs from a mask that "steals" your soul.
It is an irony that the One hiding behind the masks
Is a divine Self whose name is "also" Love!
Yes! The same Love you cannot "offer" because
You're still searching for It outside yourself! Wake up!
Destroy the masks! They are not real!
That's why they are so easy to dissolve!
You'll see then you "are" the Love you cannot give!


I love You in her.
In her I miss You.

When I touch her hair,
It is Your hair I touch.

When I hold her hand,
It is Your hand I hold.

When I kiss her,
It is You I kiss.

Traveling abroad,
Longing for her tenderness,

Yearning for her eyes,
It is for You I long,

It is for You I yearn,
It is for You I hanker.

Please grant me her love!
Your love....Narayani!

The Lake

When I looked down I saw the lake.
It seemed to be extremely deep.
Its surface was serene and clear.
A shining silvery light hovered

Upon its waters. I was ecstatic
Admiring its monumental
Beauty though could not tell
The source of its uniqueness.

I could have dived from where I was.
Although way down there were rocks
Jutting out I could easily avoid them.
It was a dive I had to take!

Feeling I was not mentally prepared,
I postponed the attempt for the following day.
I went back home determined to return
Thrilled by tomorrow’s adventure.

The following morning I went back to
The same spot and looking down into the
Abyss, to my surprise, I did not see
Anything below resembling a lake.

Only a huge empty space covered with
Rugged rocks, brambles and briers.
And, in the distance,
Large lines of more and more trees.

I saw no sign of water anywhere!
The lake had disappeared into thin air,
Carrying away with it
My dream of diving... .

Two Things

There are two things
I never saw

Nor heard

The nuance in her smile.
The cadence in her voice.

I wanted to kiss
But never did

And wanted to caress
But never could

Her naked voice!

Life's Springtime

Like the swift flight of an eagle
Life’s springtime fades away.
And while it stays
Most of the time our attention

Is fixed upon the future.
Hence we miss youth’s vision,
Its invincible hope,
The boldness of its dream.

And when we try to assess
The true dimension and splendid
Sheen of those venturesome years,
Alas!, they are already gone....

A Twice-Told Tale

The love I felt for her was a twice-told tale
Forever told. Exciting at the start,
Quite boring in the middle
And, like smoke in the air,
At the end vanished without flair.

And then new loves are quite exciting though
Destined to die in the darkness of night.
Yet, without these repetitions,
What value does life have
But time-consuming tedium?