Monday, September 28, 2009

While God Dreams

“All that we see or seem is
but a dream within a dream.”
-Edgar Allan Poe

The Teacher said: “And while God sleeps,
He dreams this phenomenal universe
Of planets, stars, constellations and
Us on earth as His dream figures.

“So immense is His imagination that we,
Though fictions, have assumed our own reality.
It is an unreal existence which looks
So factual that we believe we are free agents.

“We insist we are real, not dream figures.
This assumed self-volition is our bondage.
It creates the enigmatic world we inhabit,
On a perennial cycle of transmigrations.

"By dwelling on this absurd 'tangibility,'
We’ve become exhausted by pleasure and despair.
At the same time, we have turned into prisoners
Of what we have defined as 'right and wrong.'”

I asked, “What will happen to us when God wakes up?”
He replied: “When you wake up from your own dreams,
Aren’t they absorbed by your own consciousness?
Can God do less?”

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