Saturday, September 26, 2009


All of them were daughters of transient time.
It was a joy for me to dance with them.
They put accomplished rhythm in their dancing steps.
Their moves were meaningful and had much charm.
But, above all, they had inimitable grace.
Even in their fierce and relentless advance
Their grace was memorable.
Their subtle movements were simply sublime.

Some were light, loving steps or slow, romantic,
Like affectionate sighs.
Some steps were funny, devised by humor.
But there were others,
Whose violent gyrations a whirlwind couldn’t match.
Their mad choreography brought to mind
The ruthlessness of devastation.
But we must be courageous and bold dancers,

Ready to look Death in the face.
If our steps are steady we are bound to be safe.
The dancers guided me to think about
The existence of an Ultimate Dancer,
Who can destroy a world with a swift motion
Of her hips or save a life with a lovely
Minuet of her thighs. All this the cognates of the
Ultimate Dancer revealed to me and then they said:

The only way to win the uncommon favor
Of the Ultimate Dancer is
To become a bold and skillful dancer always
Prepared to dance the Warrior-Dance with Her.

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