Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tears to be shed

all the oceans
all the rivers

all the waters
in the world

are the tears
to be shed

before we know

The Timeless Moment

“Timeless” is the moment when thought disappears
And all else stops.
The essence of timelessness is found
In the silence of the mind.
Thought and Time are twins that sustain each other.
One can’t exist without the other.
Once No-thought is attained Desire expires.
And so does Time.
Desire is always in the Future which

Can only be understood in terms of Time.
In timeless moments we can merge with the object
Of desire without desiring it.
We could perform the most demanding tasks
Without feeling the stress.
We could enlarge or reduce the length of Time
At our whim.
Timelessness is the magic key
That opens the portals of Bliss....

Don Quijote

He had always preferred the challenge
Of his own impossible dreams
To what is called “the facts of life.”
His fantasies caused him to bite the dust
Of humiliation and defeat repeatedly.
However, maybe he naively thought

That he was shaping his own destiny
By carrying out his “heroic” deeds.
Was he a madman or a fool?
Could it be that he was neither?
Ostherwise, how has he survived the laughter of
The centuries? Why do we still love him?



Time is cancelled

Your luminous

There is no Time,

But there is

Monday, December 21, 2009


What a coquette you are!
I see in your eyes untold
Delights and invitation
To their possession.

Your body’s message
Positioning front wise!
Your urgent pelvis
Enticing mine!

And then “that” smile!
Your sensual charm
Egging me on
To get the prize!

But oh, coquette!
When full of hope
I claim the trophy,
You “smile”again and.... walk away!

Power and Love

Power - like Love - is blind.
While Love is unaware
Of the beloved’s sins,
Power solely acknowledges
Its own self-seeking schemes.

A lover’s heart is tender.
It gives untainted joy.
Power, by its own will,
Can’t help but to destroy.
But Love - by loving! - builds!

The power-wielder wishes
To raze all for himself.
He rapes the virgin forests.
He tries to scorch the fields.
But with his venal pride,

This sightless slave can’t see
The abysses at his feet.
And when he falls, he falls,
Destroyed by his own Greed
Which is his only God!


the morn is gone
darkness has come
amidst the storm
that hides the sun.

i stand forlorn
missing the form
that went along
forever gone.

i miss the dawn
and radiant sun
whose joyful song
my veins did run.

and now alone
i miss the form
that went along
never to come.

amidst the gloom
making hope bloom
there is a light
narrow and white

tiny but bright
and a still voice
mellow and poised
that says: “REJOICE!”

A Midsummer's Long Night

The moon is slender tonight.
The sky is dark blue.
The stars quiver with delight
But the night is not on cue.

The breeze is loving tonight
And the waves yearn for its kiss.
The air is fresh, the foam white.
But there’s something amiss.

The sea is gentle tonight.
A sweet song is in the air
With cadence tender and bright
Yet....without her all is despair!
The moon is slender tonight.
The sky is dark blue.
The stars quiver with delight.
Joy and beauty dance on cue!

The breeze is loving tonight
And the waves relish its kiss.
The air is fresh, the foam white.
How heavenly the sky is!

The sea is gentle tonight.
A sweet song is in the air
With cadence tender and bright.
Love is back! Life is fair!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

O Death, Sweet Lady!

Did come
When I was there.
I didn’t
See her.

Her presence.
It was
A joy to feel
Her nearness.

Was she aware?
Or was her clay
Stronger than her
Did she ever
Look within herself?

Did she
Know there
Was something
In her
And undefiled?


A vacuum reigns where love once ruled.
Let’s fill it up with Reason.
Progress advances by opposition.
Thesis, antithesis, synthesis.

A man, a woman, joy and sorrow.
First, the upturn.
Then, the downturn.
These things brighten up the world!

And then the rule of sanity
Brings back the pendulum.
With the return of prudence
It’s time to say bye-bye!


Again, we are like strangers.
Was not her fault but mine.
I once saw her wondrous Self.
....I lost the vision!


Let’s not have this “thing” anymore!
This sickness of the soul!

This “deification” of the human!
This absurd idealization of the imperfect!
This mad pursuit of the unreal!
This trap of self-deception!

This wildness of the senses
That leads us into false peaks
Of utter happiness
To relentlessness hurl us back

Unto inhuman pits of black despair!
How this destroys our common sense!
Let’s no have this “thing” anymore!

Happiest, Saddest, Night!

It was one of those nights when there are
Bright stars, a shining moon upon
The sky - a soft, cool breeze in the air.

One of those nights when there is music
Coming from afar and the perfume of
Flowers swoons in the arms of the night.

One of those moments when the soft wind
Whispers endearments, rapture and love.
None of those things were in my heart!

No music, no romance, no tender words.
Nothing....was there!

And as to love, yes, there was love!
Unhappy love! Unfulfilled love!
That kind of love!

Because my fair, sweet lady,
With shining hair - dressed up in red,
Her shoulders bare,

Begging my kisses though unaware,
My vibrant belle! - was going to meet
Her newest lover!

It was indeed one of those nights!
Amorous nights? Her happiest night!
My saddest night!

Reason to Lov e

I loved her for her unique
Seductive feminine grace.
Was that reason enough to love?

More than that
Much more.
It was a command!

Who’d try to stop a hurricane?
Or the ocean’s ebb and flow?
Or try to block the sparkling sun?

To resist her tantalizing attraction?
Only a fool would have done it!
And yet the bells were....tolling!

Her Hands

I enjoyed watching her
Hands on the screen of
My mind.

They were so small and soft - so delicate!
So expressive of her inner self!
But then,

With her absence,
Her hands dimmed into shadows.
And when one night,

We met again at a soiree,
While sipping her white wine,
I saw her hands again.

This time I couldn’t
Recognize them
....any more!