Tuesday, December 22, 2009

tears to be shed

all the oceans
all the rivers

all the waters
in the world

are the tears
to be shed

before we know

The Timeless Moment

“Timeless” is the moment when thought disappears
And all else stops.
The essence of timelessness is found
In the silence of the mind.
Thought and Time are twins that sustain each other.
One can’t exist without the other.
Once No-thought is attained Desire expires.
And so does Time.
Desire is always in the Future which

Can only be understood in terms of Time.
In timeless moments we can merge with the object
Of desire without desiring it.
We could perform the most demanding tasks
Without feeling the stress.
We could enlarge or reduce the length of Time
At our whim.
Timelessness is the magic key
That opens the portals of Bliss....

Don Quijote

He had always preferred the challenge
Of his own impossible dreams
To what is called “the facts of life.”
His fantasies caused him to bite the dust
Of humiliation and defeat repeatedly.
However, maybe he naively thought

That he was shaping his own destiny
By carrying out his “heroic” deeds.
Was he a madman or a fool?
Could it be that he was neither?
Ostherwise, how has he survived the laughter of
The centuries? Why do we still love him?



Time is cancelled

Your luminous

There is no Time,

But there is

Monday, December 21, 2009


What a coquette you are!
I see in your eyes untold
Delights and invitation
To their possession.

Your body’s message
Positioning front wise!
Your urgent pelvis
Enticing mine!

And then “that” smile!
Your sensual charm
Egging me on
To get the prize!

But oh, coquette!
When full of hope
I claim the trophy,
You “smile”again and.... walk away!

Power and Love

Power - like Love - is blind.
While Love is unaware
Of the beloved’s sins,
Power solely acknowledges
Its own self-seeking schemes.

A lover’s heart is tender.
It gives untainted joy.
Power, by its own will,
Can’t help but to destroy.
But Love - by loving! - builds!

The power-wielder wishes
To raze all for himself.
He rapes the virgin forests.
He tries to scorch the fields.
But with his venal pride,

This sightless slave can’t see
The abysses at his feet.
And when he falls, he falls,
Destroyed by his own Greed
Which is his only God!