Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Anguish of the Void

(For Sofía)

Has God abandoned us? An Indian sage once said
That the wind of Divine Grace is always blowing.
All we have to do is raise our sails! But we have not
Done it and have abandoned Holy Ground,

Bringing about a disconnection from the Whole.
This alienation is the Anguish of the Void.
It is the fall from grace, the severance from
The unity of the universe, the believe that we are

Cut off from the rest of humanity and that there is
A barrier dividing us as natural enemies
Planning our mutual destruction. This insecurity
Is the beginning of despair, the existential Fear

That compels us to see ourselves as pitiful,
Endangered species isolated and driven
To wage preventive and devastating wars
Which, by their dynamic nature, never end.

Thru love and hate we attempt to make contact with each
Other hoping perhaps for mutual understanding.
But, unless we divest ourselves from our Fear,
We shall never be able to recover what we lost!

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