Monday, September 28, 2009

Do Trust

(For my son John)

Do trust your so-called “fate!”
Watching a videotape we know
That we can’t change it.
But, if we observe the tape of our lives,
Who knows - “perhaps” it can be changed!

On the other hand,
If it was written beforehand
By divine hands what could go wrong?
If God wasn't involved let’s trust the universe.
We only have to know that life “is” change.

With total faith - from one instant to another -
You do the best you can with the conviction
That that’s all you are required to do.
Then - by all means - don’t interfere!
Let the universe dance to its own drummer!

That’s all there is.
So, smile, be calmed and satisfied.
Enjoy the show.
It is “your” show! You can control it!
And, above all....Do trust!

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