Monday, September 28, 2009


She was not sophisticated
Nor completely educated.
Not by a long shot, in fact,
She seemed to have a pact,

With the forces of Nature,
To ignore the nomenclature
Of things rhetorical
And deeds historical.

Her knowledge was restricted
To what was only admitted
In her circle of friends.
And that, without amends.

However...she sang like a nightingale
And had the charm of a fairy-tale.
She was a temptress with no erudition
But....with a sensual disposition!

And, all-in-all,
To seduce and enthrall,
She had that shapely grace
Which a man loves to embrace.

Her power of attraction
Didn’t allow a distraction.
With Fate did I concur,
She was both bliss and....hell!

What else could I then say
About this Salomé?
This exquisite female
That principles derailed!

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