Monday, September 14, 2009

The Call of the Inaccessible

The Inaccessible is the challenge of the Unknown
To the human condition - a challenge not required
To be understood nor even considered.
Its luminescence might bring about
Unprecedented pain and heartbreak.
Its nature is to remain unapproachable,

Unblemished like a child’s magical dream!
The Inaccessible is bathed by the brightness
Of the stars and the splendor of the sun.
It reminds us that Somewhere there is
An undimmed perennial truth which is the
Reality of sages and the glory of mystics.

It is a realm not of this world – a kingdom
Not to be glimpsed by will but love.
A golden promise that triggers our souls
To soar like eagles to the highest peaks.
A Joy that validates our human existence.
Perhaps the “call” we have been waiting for!

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