Saturday, September 26, 2009

Regina: Laughing Water

(Sonnet Variation)

Laughing Water, where are your moccasins?
It hardly befits you to wear high heels.
There is in you an air of the untamed frontier,
Of swimming in the nude on mighty rivers,
Of the flight of the eagle and deep woods,
Of the smile of the stream and the song of the lark,
Of the lure of the hunt and the elusive sunbeam.

Let’s fly away together on a moonbeam
To the land in your eyes which I feel in my heart,
Where the scent of the pine caressingly intrudes.
Let’s leave behind forever all the diverse
Contraptions of the culture we hold so dear
And from your prairie’s freedom let’s climb the hills.
Laughing Water....where are your moccasins?

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