Friday, September 25, 2009

Ana - In Memoriam

Softly, my love,
Wake up, sweet one!
Rise when the moon
Rounds up the sky
And while the stars
Send us their light!
The day is not
The time we share.
We hardly meet
Under the sun.
We never dance
Under its light.

We laugh and sing
Near the hills
Feeling the breeze
Of the cool wind
And at the sight
Of the night stars.
Sound of guitars
Carries the wind.
It is the time
Of the young wine
When our hope and
Our love shine bright.

The sky adorned
By myriad stars,
The tender nights,
Are divine gifts
Given to you!
Given to me!
Softly, my love!
Wake up, sweet one!
Under the moon,
Under the stars,
Let’s dance in the
Arms of the night!

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