Friday, September 25, 2009

Timeless Moments

It is not that death ends it all.
It is that life is always short.
We live to be a hundred and
Predictably we never find
Peace within us - always afraid
Of Death, never reaching the goal....

And never feeling near safe port!
If we could only ‘feel’ the death of Time,
We would not mind dying at all.
To grasp the timeless moment
Is to find Infinity in us.
This occurs when Time stops!

Life’s but a stream of self-contained moments.
Trillions - as many as there are stars!
Each one is complete in itself.
It’s born, it dies and it’s forgotten.

But some of them,
Though they last but one second,
Seem to be shaped by Divine Hands
For they possess
The timeless beauty of perfection!

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