Friday, September 25, 2009


(In Memoriam)

The City roars and sings.
The taxi speeds.
Vitality crackles in the air.
Music at your apartment
As I, totally fascinated
By your sensuous beauty,
Long for forbidden fruits.

And I dream about loving you!
About your firm, unbent breasts.
Your smooth, unblemished belly.
The opening of your spring flower
Between your soft and tender thighs.
And as I look at you, my darling,
I smile thinking about those things.

However, that is not all!
There is much more to ponder.
It is the enigma of
Your luminous beauty
That tantalizes and impels me
To go deep unto you hoping
To find the dwelling of the sacred!

Now it is too late to know!
Too late to understand! Oh Death,
Cruel thief of loveliness and youth,
Once more you have taken away
Another of my loves!
When each one of them dies,
Something in me dies, too!

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