Monday, September 7, 2009

Like a Raindrop

-Like a Raindrop-
(Sonnet Variation)

Like a raindrop that falls into the ocean,
We must dissolve ourselves unto the Unknown,
Erasing from all memory our names,
Like The One who is forever nameless,
Fully dying to yesterday’s experience,
Like the wind dies after the storm abates.
Leaving no trace of our joys or care,

Like the flight of the eagle in the air.
It is not death but life that the heart craves.
Only sounds perish, never the silence.
Only forms vanish, never the formless.
Once the squall fades the sea remains the same.
So we must merge unto the dark Unknown,
Like a raindrop that falls into the ocean.
(Hyde Park, Chicago, April 1987)

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