Sunday, September 13, 2009

Three Poems

-It Was Given-

It was given to man to create and destroy.
And to woman to give life, nurture and joy.
If there’s one who can wipe out all life from the
Face of the earth is man. Woman never can.
She is also imperfect.. She can lie and
Betray and be false like the classic tin coin.
But without her we couldn’t taste all the
Beauty and spices of life!

-Lord Byron’s Optimism-

Before eighteen sixty-four Lord Byron
Said much assured,“Man marks the earth
With ruin; his control stops with the shore.”
That was before! Not anymore
In nineteen eighty-four!

-About Suffering-

We are born and we suffer for the rest of our lives!
Is this thrust upon us by a divine hostile force?
A fate without a face? A blow without an arm?
A being without a name? What are we paying for?
Is this deserved at all? Or is this God’s smile calling
Us back to Him away from ourselves!?

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