Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Sphinx of Gizeh

-The Sphinx of Gizeh-

“Eradicate thinking or destroy the thoughts which veil the Self.” - (Yoga Vasishtha, 17:31-32) Look at the impassive face of the Sphinx of Gizeh,
With the wisdom of centuries at her beck and call!
With unconcerned detachment
She glances at the growth-decay
Of empires, civilizations,
Of kings and men.

She has witnessed historical blood feuds.
She is aware of mankind’s ruthlessness.
She has viewed the panoply and glory
Of immense armies of conquerors.
And she has seen the massacres
And foul deeds of evil men.

The astonishing portents that she has witnessed,
Have never brought pain nor joy to her heart.
It is a wonder that her face remains
Forever calm and evermore serene.
Because there’s wisdom in that face!
And in her gaze,

There seems to be a message of importance!
What is she trying to tell us,
This archaic and strange enigma of ages past
With her inscrutable face?
What is the message in her gaze?
And why the stillness?

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