Monday, September 14, 2009

Aphrodite and The Sea and Her


Goddess of Love and Beauty,
Daughter of the ocean,
Is going back home.
But only for a visit.

She knows the rules.
She goes
As naked she was born.

-The Sea and Her-

I’ve seen how the ocean worships her.
I can vouch for it.
I’ve seen the kisses he gives her feet
When she walks upon his shore.

I've witnessed when, like a blue bird,
She flies and falls unto his waiting arms.
How he opens his body of water
To let her pass between the waves.

And how he embraces her with his strong arms,
Giving her face and body so many tender,
Loving kisses with his watery lips!
She does indeed make the day for the old rogue!

And as I watch
All this sitting
Upon the sand,
I laugh....and laugh....and laugh!

-After the Fact-

Thru infant eyes I saw her like a huge,
Overgrown, multi-colored peach.
But then, her golden hair, blue eyes, red lips
And her red dress convinced me that
She was an immense strawberry shortcake.

After all, how old was I? I had not
Learned yet to walk let alone talk!
From my Mom’s arms and dazzled,
I saw her coming like a big candy bar and,
Like Colombus when he first saw America,

A brave new world opened for me that night.
My mouth watered anticipating delicious
Flavors teasing my taste buds and divine
Ambrosia making love to my tongue.
Then, she took me in her arms and kissed me!

From her throat emerged musical sounds that
To my enchanted ears did sound like bliss!
Exquisite scents caressed my sense of smell as I,
Already drunk with pleasure almost passed out.
Then I saw her slender, well-shaped fingers!

They were beautifully manicured and
Extremely appetizing and warm so
I began to suck them with my eager mouth,
Hoping to eat her whole!
Had I succeeded,

The media would have written:
Yesterday evening a beauty was devoured
By a four-month-old baby cub,
Whom we assume mistook her for a huge
And tasty-looking strawberry shortcake!

-that other kiss-
(a dream)

her laughter echoes from the dark
as she enfolds me with her arms;

but when i kiss her i can’t see
her radiant face and as i feel

the streaming waters around us,
too swiftly she is gone;

gone with the dancing waves without
a sound: only her laughter and

her loving kiss remain!

the scarf, scented with her perfume,
had images of gods and goddesses

in the silent darkness of my room,
i covered it with kisses....

what will happen tonight, the anniversary
of that unforgettable night?

it wasn’t i who wrote the script,
no one knows who did.

(useless are words....tonight....
everything was dissolved....

“her” radiant presence.... )

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