Sunday, October 11, 2009

We Are All Pawns

With our mind and senses we are
Aware of the phenomenal world
Of time, space and causation.

Because of our mind and senses
We fall into the “illusion”
Of name and form, cause and effect.

It's then that we become Time's captives.
In Time we “exist” and that fact alone
Is our "only" certainty.

It is a riddle that could be solved
By understanding Time’s mechanism.
Thought, Time’s alter-ego, insists

On ‘”dividing” the Undivided
Into names and forms in order
To “ name” the Unnameable, give “form”

To the Formless and “reduce”
Infinity into small parts.
All in an attempt to “cancel”

The terror of the Unknown. It can't be done!
Instead we fall into the trap of Name and Form,
Creating the Illusion of Separation from the Whole!

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