Thursday, October 1, 2009

Empty Illusions? Errant dreams?

Reality only an “appearance” on the screen
Of human consciousness?
Our world just a fanciful “mist”?
Our pleasures, our joys, our triumphs:
Empty illusions?
Errant dreams?

That we miss what seemed to be but never was?
Yet it was something "real" to us,
Moments so unforgettable,
That we tried to eternalize them:
Empty illusions?
Errant dreams?

Our hopes, achievements, loves and
Triumphs which we so much enjoyed and
Whose glory we feel with deep delight
When they return to our memory:
Empty illusions?
Errant dreams?

I don’t think we can doubt life’s events.
Although there "is" a mystery!
A mystery unresolved from the beginning,
And probably forever unresolved.
What is clear is that all is evanescent:
Joy and Sorrow! - Love! - Living!

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