Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Drunkard's God

`The drunkard at the bar was saying:
I find it very hard to agree
With God if it's true that it is
His will - not ours - what actually
Governs us. I am not surprised
At human discontent - from A
To Z I disagree with Him.
When we want something and get it,
Again and again He turns our joy
Into distress or even worse,
We never get the wish at all.
We fall in love with hopes of
Reciprocity dreaming dreams
Which promptly disappear.
If we realize our hopes, watch out!
Because that heavenly feeling
Might be the road to hell!
This cruel game goes on and on,
With wealth acquired, power achieved,
Pleasures enjoyed, the list is long!
How can we speak of God’s love
When we hardly ever get it? -
Nursing his drink the sad drunkard
Remained silent. At last, I said:
I also disagree with such
A God. He’d deserve my anger.
Why don’t you fight Him? You could
Defeat Him by ignoring Desire!

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