Thursday, October 1, 2009

About Love

I asked the old poet about the meaning of human love.
He had written beautiful poems about it.
He had loved and romanced many women.
His experience was vast - he certainly could tell me.

But he laughed and said that love is like God.
No one can understand either of them!
We affirm that both exist - then we're forced to deny them!
Everyone talks about God and human love!

Ask a psychologist and he will tell you
“How” love is born and “how” it dies.
A mystic will connect it with the sacredness
Of divine manifestation.

A poet confuses it with his alter-ego.
An average man will tell you it’s all sex.
Some women will say, "No love without equality!"
I insisted on knowing the poet’s personal view.

He lighted up a cigar and took his time. Then, he said:
“Love is like Life! One thing is to 'know' that we are
Alive and another to 'feel' that we are living.
When we 'don’t' love we still 'know' that we exist.

"But when we do love we 'know' we're alive and 'also' feel it!
There’s a difference between knowing and feeling.
The first comes from the intellect, the second from the heart.
To love 'confirms' our existence! Thru love we can say 'I Am!'"

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