Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Lake

When I looked down I saw the lake.
It seemed to be extremely deep.
Its surface was serene and clear.
A shining silvery light hovered

Upon its waters. I was ecstatic
Admiring its monumental
Beauty though could not tell
The source of its uniqueness.

I could have dived from where I was.
Although way down there were rocks
Jutting out I could easily avoid them.
It was a dive I had to take!

Feeling I was not mentally prepared,
I postponed the attempt for the following day.
I went back home determined to return
Thrilled by tomorrow’s adventure.

The following morning I went back to
The same spot and looking down into the
Abyss, to my surprise, I did not see
Anything below resembling a lake.

Only a huge empty space covered with
Rugged rocks, brambles and briers.
And, in the distance,
Large lines of more and more trees.

I saw no sign of water anywhere!
The lake had disappeared into thin air,
Carrying away with it
My dream of diving... .

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