Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Hidden Sun

In love it's better to give than to receive!
But in order to give you've to love yourself.
And due to the ruthless competitive culture
That we carry in our consciousness,
It's easier for us to protect ourselves
By fighting battles to turn defeats into victories.
We hide behind the mask we "feel" we need
In order to survive in a whim or a battle.
The masks mutate into each other. We call "that" living!

But Love comes from a heart free of masks. It never
Springs from a mask that "steals" your soul.
It is an irony that the One hiding behind the masks
Is a divine Self whose name is "also" Love!
Yes! The same Love you cannot "offer" because
You're still searching for It outside yourself! Wake up!
Destroy the masks! They are not real!
That's why they are so easy to dissolve!
You'll see then you "are" the Love you cannot give!

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