Sunday, December 6, 2009

Happiest, Saddest, Night!

It was one of those nights when there are
Bright stars, a shining moon upon
The sky - a soft, cool breeze in the air.

One of those nights when there is music
Coming from afar and the perfume of
Flowers swoons in the arms of the night.

One of those moments when the soft wind
Whispers endearments, rapture and love.
None of those things were in my heart!

No music, no romance, no tender words.
Nothing....was there!

And as to love, yes, there was love!
Unhappy love! Unfulfilled love!
That kind of love!

Because my fair, sweet lady,
With shining hair - dressed up in red,
Her shoulders bare,

Begging my kisses though unaware,
My vibrant belle! - was going to meet
Her newest lover!

It was indeed one of those nights!
Amorous nights? Her happiest night!
My saddest night!

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